Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding. Our online payments have been set up through Transaction Express. You can choose to pay with a Credit or Debit card. For all payments made through the online system, there will be a convenience fee of $5.00.

First and Last Name on the Account:
Phone Number To Send Payment Reminder Code To:

Tel: 407 522 4163

2930 Old Winter Garden Rd, Orlando, FL 32805, USA

please make payments $5.00 higher since there is a convenience fee for making payments through the online system. thank you in advance!

For any questions, please contact the payment office at (407) 522-4163 Option 1.

First we will ask you to input the name on the account you are paying for. If you have multiple vehicles under one name, please enter the make and model of the vehicle you are paying for.

Payments will take up to 48 hours to process.

Please take note of the Payment Office hours.

We will text the payment reminder device code to the phone number you input. Please make sure your car insurance is active. 

For any payments that are past due for 9 days or more, late fees will be applied.

For biweekly payments, late fee is $10.

For monthly payments, late fee is $20.

Since we have switched our online payment processing systems, the convenience fee might change. We are trying our best to get the fees as low as possible and greatly appreciate your patience.

To make it easier and convenient for you to make online payments, please take note of the following:

You can pay with either a Credit or Debit card. We only accept Visa or Mastercard.

You must enter the phone number with dashes between the numbers. E.g. 407-522-4163.

You must enter the payment amount in a $0.00 format. E.g. $180.00. Please add $5.00 as the convenience fee to your payment.

Please disable your pop-up blocker as the receipt for the transaction will pop up. You will also receive a confirmation email.

All the Captchas are case sensitive.


Monday 9.00AM - 6.30 PM

Tuesday       Closed

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 9.00AM - 6.30 PM

Friday 9.00AM - 6.30 PM

Saturday 10.00AM - 5.00PM

Sunday         Closed

To get a code for your vehicle, you can not pay less than your regular payment.

Please make sure your car insurance is active.

You must pay any late fees that have been applied to your account.

If you are not sure what your payment amount is, please contact the payment office.

Once you have pressed "Make a Payment", you will be directed to the credit card processing screen. You must enter the amount you wish to pay plus the convenience fee for making it through the online system. If your payment is $180.00, you must enter $185.00.